Ivete Sangalo, one of Brazil’s leading female pop music icons with a remarkable career spanning over two decades, will bring her ‘Real Fantasia 2013 ” tour to Miami.

The powerhouse singer from Juazeiro, Bahia is currently touring in support of her tenth solo CD, ‘Real Fantasia,” released October 2012. The CD showcases the versatile and contagious style of the artist between axe music from Bahia, pop and ballads. ‘Real Fantasia is the name of a track, the album, and the tour because of what it represents,” says Ivete. ‘It’s a bit of a translation of my life, what I’m living. My reality is a fantasy. It is playful and deeply rooted in music and art, like a daily Carnival.”


The Real Fantasia tour presents several innovations. The new repertoire mixes songs from the CD and Ivete’s greatest hits, many with new arrangements. The selections were made with the help of fans, who sent suggestions via Twitter. The show also features new choreography and new glamorous costumes. Fans can look forward to interactivity during this concert event as cameras will capture images of Ivete’s band and audience for broadcast on the giant LED screen to meld the backdrop of the show and the content of the show and make each performance unique. “”Real Fantasy is an interactive tour. You are there enjoying the show, but realize the fantasy of being able to be on stage with me through the transmission,” says the singer.


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