From the creators of De la Guarda comes biggest event of Summer 2014 – H2OMBRE! Heart-pumping electronic music, aerial acrobatics, extravagant visuals, and water (more than 6,000 gallons a show!) transform the Center into an alternate universe where the audiences step onto the stage and are engulfed in a 360 degree experience!


With state-of-the-art three-dimensional projection screens and monstrous inflatables, H2OMBRE is a wild follow up to the Arsht Center’s success with Fuerza Bruta. You’ll join the adventure as our heroes have epic battles with mythical beasts and brave the elements!


The Jerusalem Post called the? H2OMBRE production “A MULTI-MEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA!” and the Argentina Independent declared “The soaked audience swayed and screamed with enthusiasm!”