Puccini’s opera is loosely based on a true story and depicts a shattering clash of cultures. While stationed in Japan, the American naval officer Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton obtains through an unscrupulous marriage broker a 15 year old geisha known as Butterfly. He plans to amuse himself until he can take a real wife from America.

When he goes back out to sea, everyone believes that Butterfly has been abandoned, but her faith that he will return to her is steadfast. He does return, but with an American wife, and plans to claim Butterfly’s child who was born after his departure. Hopeless and left with nothing, Butterfly sees suicide as her only option, and re-employs the very knife her father had used to end his own life.

Madama Butterfly gained immense worldwide popularity during the early 1900s and has remained among the most frequently performed operas. Puccini’s spectacular gift for sureness of purpose, both musically and theatrically, is nowhere more evident than here. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy some of opera’s most famous music and powerful drama.