Donizetti’s delightful Don Pasquale is one of the pillars of Italian comic opera, and its scintillating coloratura and sparkling, spirited ensembles make it a richly rewarding musical experience.

There’s no fool like an old fool, particularly when it comes to love and money. Don Pasquale, worried that his wealth will be squandered by his scheming nephew Ernesto, sets out to find himself a wife. Unhappy that his nephew wishes to do the same, he orders Ernesto, who lives with him, to clear out, which complicates Ernesto’s plans to marry his beloved Norina.

Don Pasquale, having no particular woman in mind, is quickly infatuated with a charming lady his friend Dr. Malatesta introduces as his convent-educated sister. It is in fact Norina in disguise, and as soon as the pretend marriage takes place, she becomes Pasquale’s worst nightmare.