Miami Dade College’s(MDC) MDC Live Arts will present the U.S. debut of Combinado Argentino de Danza (CAD), Saturday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m., at the Colony Theatre. The renegade collective of dancers, musicians, DJs, and artists from Buenos Aires create a dynamic universe—where hip-hop, contemporary and Argentine folkloric dance engage and evolve in a constant state of conversation and transformation. Tickets are $25 for the general public and $10 for MDC students.


CAD’s signature is the diversity of disciplines and styles that exist within it. Unlike other multi-disciplinary dance companies that aim for a fusion of genres, CAD instead maintains and plays with the variety of independent expressions—seeking common logic or provocative interactions within a shared space. Reflecting our contemporary, globally-influenced and culturally-expanding society, it is a salad bowl versus a melting pot, and the results are striking. Hip-hop, contemporary and folkloric dancers, from conservatory and street alike, interplay or are juxtaposed in grand compositions. Visual artists, videographers, lighting designers and the renowned DJ Villa Diamante aid in constructing the group’s intriguing atmospheres.


MDC Live Arts Executive Director, Kathryn Garcia, remarks “I was floored by the group’s creativity and high energy. Their pieces are so unique and so full of varied action—they are consistently exciting to watch.”


CAD seeks creativity not just in choreography, but in place as well. They create work for a variety of formats, from big and small theater pieces to dance video productions to site-specific works in non-conventional places. CAD’S Miami residency includes pop-up performances throughout the geographically diverse Miami Dade College campuses and around town, including 6 p.m. Friday, October 17 at the Wynwood Walls.


Combinado Argentino de Danza has performed extensively throughout Argentina and internationally in Spain, Brazil and South Africa, where their artistic residency culminated with presentations on the streets of Johannesburg and Soweto.