The Chinese Warriors of Peking have gained world-wide recognition touring with Cirque du Soleil. Founded in 1958, a group of Chinese acrobats and martial artists officially became known as the company of the Chinese Warriors of Peking. Since then, they have toured the world visiting places like Denmark, Britain and the United States. Set during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in the ancient Chinese capital of Peking, Mr. Qui Jian directs this renowned production. The Eastbourne Herald praises the production as “an entertaining show for the whole family.” Jian incorporates juggling, acrobatics, weapons handling, and live stage combat into this high-intensity performance to tell the historical story of two rival martial arts disciplines.

“Slack Wire,” “Pagoda of Bowls,” and “Bicycle” are just some of their most famous and successful acts, winning numerous top-placing awards over the last 13 years. The breathtaking and gravity-defying choreography is edge-of-your-seat exciting. Chinese Warriors of Peking has a perfect combination between artistry and athleticism that The Hastings Observer recognizes each artist as “…undisputed masters of martial arts as well as some potential Olympic gymnastics medalists of the future.” This production is not only culturally enriching but also an extraordinary and jam-packed performance that leaves the audience in complete awe.