Charlotte de Witte was born on July 21, 1992 in Evergem , Belgium . At the age of 10 she was a big fan of Laïs , and was also a fan of rock music. She moved to Ghent for her high school where she came into contact with electronic music. During that time she also started to mix pictures with VirtualDJ . First for themselves, but later also on Myspace . She contacted many discos in order to be able to play there, but in Evergem’s youth center she played her first set at the age of 17. She decided to use the stage name “Raving George” because this name concealed that she was a girl. She didn’t want to be judged by her appearance, but by her DJ skills. Charlotte de Witte started playing mainly electro and electrohouse music and was inspired by the music of The Bloody Beetroots , Brodinski and Crookers .

During her first set she had to work on equipment other than what she had practiced with, her original equipment turned out not to work. After a scooter accident, the insurance company had reimbursed her damage considerably, giving her the opportunity to buy better equipment, the same as that used in the clubs. With this she learned to run and was the start of her professional career.