Undoubtedly one of the most representative duos of the music of the memory is that of Camilo Sesto and Ángela Carrasco . The singers, among other themes, performed the song ‘Corazones de fuego’ together .

Camilo Sesto and Ángela Carrasco maintain a realization of friendship since both participated in the work Jesus Christ Superstar. The Spanish obtained the rights to do the assembly and production of the work in Spanish, while the singer played María Magdalena.

During his friendship, Camilo Sesto produces several songs to Ángela Carrasco , such as ‘Amigo mío, cuenta conmigo’ and ‘Quiéreme’. In addition, they recorded the duet “Callados”, which became a success.

Then, Camilo Sesto produced Ángela Carrasco five albums that enjoyed a lot of popularity, which made the singer stand out even more.