Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and the Consul General of Germany Jurgen T. Borsch will join Miami Dade College (MDC) President Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón at MDC’s Wolfson Campus on May 27, at 11 a.m., for the renaming of N.E. Third Street as Berlin Wall Way.

Last year, the city of Miami received an authentic 12-foot tall, 3-foot wide, four-and-a-half ton section of the historic Berlin Wall, torn down in 1989 in the name of freedom and democracy. The piece of wall was permanently installed at MDC’s Wolfson Campus, the only educational institution in the region to receive this honor. Last year marked the 25th anniversary since the dismantling of the wall began.

Erected in 1961, the Berlin Wall divided East and West Germany as both a physical and symbolic boundary between democracy and totalitarianism during the Cold War. It stood for nearly three decades holding millions of people captive under communism. Its fall in 1989 was celebrated around the world. Remaining sections of the wall, which was approximately 100 miles long, have been placed throughout the world to mark the resilience of the human spirit and triumph over oppression.

In addition to the permanent installation of a section of the Berlin Wall, MDC also has an outdoor exhibition comprised of photo collages of the Berlin Wall over the 28 years of its existence.