From his youth, André Mehmari’s musical sensibility has known no borders, freely flowing between Chopin, Scott Joplin, and Ernesto Nazareth. Now a renowned virtuoso pianist and composer, he has forged a language of tremendous expressive power from the resources of Brazilian, jazz, and classical music. This has earned him not only the most prestigious awards in Brazil, but also invitations to perform from some of the world’s leading jazz presenters. Abroad these have included the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy and the Blue Note in Tokyo; and in Brazil, he has been invited to perform in all of the country’s leading jazz festivals. Maria Schneider chose him to be the Brazilian pianist in her orchestra’s performance at the Ouro Preto Jazz Festival, and his trio is sharing the bill with the Wynton Marsalis Orchestra in this year’s edition of the Brasil Jazz Festival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A complete musician, his talent as an improvisor and grasp of musical narrative has been particularly appreciated by colleagues in the jazz world.

In this solo piano performance, his instinct for composition will be evident not only in the works he has written and arranged, but also in interpretation. This skill is at the forefront of his new solo recording, Ouro Sobre Azul, devoted to the piano music of Ernesto Nazareth and where, as the newspaper O Globo writes, “he freely reworks the original classicized scores, turning them into sound transformations that reveal multiple new aspects,” creating “a dimension almost unimaginable.” Drawing on these works and his deep well of solo repertoire, this performance will assuredly be a scintillating evening of music.

Joining Mehmari will be two special guests, singers Wendy Pedersen and Rose Max.

This event is supported by the Miami Symphony.