In this play, above and beyond (or perhaps below) what I wanted the central themes to be – friendship, the forging of one’s identity as a creative and rebellious act, the rituals and spells of sex in people’s secret lives – a motif started taking over, an issue that has recurrently absorbed me in several of my novels and in every play I have written: fiction and life, the role one plays in the other, the way one feeds off the other, the way the two fuse, repel and complement each other in every individual destiny. Doubtlessly, the stage is the favored place in which to depict that magic of which a person’s life is also made, that other life that we make up because we can’t really live it, only dream it, thanks to the magnificent lies of fiction. – Mario Vargas Llosa

(All performances performed in Spanish. In Spanish with English supertitles)


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