Electric Motorcycles: Is this the Future?

Designed by an Ethec team of 16 students from ETH Zurich, the Ethec motorcycle is a symbol of the future of electric bikes. This incredible creation addresses the lack of energy efficiency when it comes to regular motorcycles.

Conventional motorcycles lose 75% of energy which comes from braking on the front wheel as braking energy is converted into friction and heat and little else. The Ethec Electric Motorcycle integrates a world first front wheel-hub motor which is used to recuperate braking energy and obtain higher efficiency, safety, and thus a superior driving experience.

Besides the functionality of this model, the design of the Ethec Motorcycle is going to blow people away, with the futuristic monobody construction of the Ethec Electric Bike’s design which follows the organic form of the human body; as a result, the extended headlight becomes a key design feature which characterises the overall look of the motorcycle. That said, the Ethec Electric Bike doesn’t entirely abandon classic motorcycle architecture, classical elements can be found in the frame, designed using a proven and lightweight tubular frame construction.

Hence, this marvellous improvement of technology only makes us wonder, what other amazing advances can the future hold for our society on the roads