Drinkhouse Fire & Ice will be open at South Beach

Ready for an unforgettable day or night on the town? Crystallizing this Spring/Summer, awaken your spirit as you discover Drinkhouse Fire & Ice, Miami’s first Ice Vodka Bar and Experimental Cocktail Fire Lounge. Established by Sally Drinkhouse and Nicole Pritchett, Miami’s goddesses of ice, our alluring social destination and unique gathering of spirit will deliver a sensory-stimulating journey in Miami unlike any other for locals, tourists and groups to reserve and enjoy. At 4,200 square feet and 23 degrees, we offer the area at South Beach must see and must do experience. Frost yourself in Fire & Ice’s intoxicating Ice Vodka Bar. This spectacular crystal ice palace is comprised of a jaw dropping 100,000 pounds of ice embedded with genuine crystals and features a glistening gallery of ice art.


Feeling nippy? No worries. We’ll provide a luxurious faux fur coat, gloves and slippers! Plus, spectacular glasses fashioned entirely from ice for you to sip your vodka from. Then, feel the rush as you enter our Experimental Cocktail Fire Lounge, where avant-garde libations and experiential spirits will bring the heat unlike any other cocktail bar in Magic City. Our innovative beverage program, helmed by mixologist mastermind Chandelle Yarmey, will electrify your mood by presenting elaborate handcrafted spirits and molecular creations strikingly prepared before your eyes by our impressive team of global mixologists ad bar chefs. Indulge in thirst quenching spirits such as the Soul Burner, God of the Rising Sun and Tantra-Tini. Art lovers will also appreciate being engaged by original nature photography throughout the space by world-renowned Aussie photographer Peter Lik, who recently took the crown for the most expensive photo ever sold, an amazing $6.5 million. Here is more information about Drinkhouse Fire & Ice :


According to Eater :

“Outside of the Ice Bar, there the Fire Lounge featuring a “unique beverage program will feature elaborately presented handcrafted cocktails and molecular creations” by local mixologist Chandelle Yarmey. The Fire Lounge is a contrast from the Ice Bar, decorated in warm colors with mirrored brass elements and original photography, “rare and precious crystals from around the world” and furnished with tables made of selenite. As for entertainment, the space promises to have nightlight music and “artistic” entertainment along with partnering with a new local charity every month by donating a portion of the profits to the organization and immortalizing them through a customized ice sculpture.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to Urban Daddy :

“Wow. How much ice is that? About 100,000 pounds’ worth. So how does this place work? You’ll enter a bar called the Fire Lounge. You’ll see a bartender. That’s Flip. He’ll be serving warm drinks and performing fire shows—flipping bottles and blowing out fire and whatnot. But what about the ice bar? We were getting to that. You’ll also see a hostess. She’ll be offering up faux-fur coats, hats, moccasins and gloves. You’ll put on those things. Then you’ll head back to what looks like a freezer door. You’ll open it and walk into… The ice bar? Yes, the ice bar. It’s a bar made of ice. They’ve got vodkas from around the world. An ice sculpture of the Miami Beach sign. An ice hammock. An ice jet ski. Also: crystals. Lots of crystals. How cold is it? About 23 degrees.”


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.