dotfiftyone Gallery

Dot Fiftyone Gallery is located at the Wynwood Art District of Miami, occupying a converted 1930’s two stories warehouse building comprised of 7000 square feet. The gallery includes a “project space” at the second floor specifically employed as an area for promoting young emerging artists. The gallery has being founded to create links between the artists with the community. and specializes in choosing emerging and established worldwide artists whose work has lasting impact and staying power.

In fact, is not intended to be a traditional art gallery or exhibition space. Its objective is to create a flexible, mobile structure, a production laboratory for contemporary and conceptual art. Aside from art exhibitions, Dot Fiftyone Gallery also promotes and produces other type of projects involving different spheres of expression and communication, such as: lectures, seminars, workshops and screening of: world wide non-commercial film series and alternative foreign television productions. Amongst its accomplishments are benefit events for The Pet Project, Task Force, Miami Community College, Florida International University, The Jewish Federation and Gen Art. Moreover, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, has received the sponsorship for three years running from UBS Financial Services, to produce its exhibitions during the celebration of Art Basel Miami Beach. Recently Dot Fiftyone Gallery has being selected by Nativa Productions and Life Style TV Network to be the host of the original Docu /Reality Television Art Series: LIVING IN ART, where the Miami Art Scene will be featured from the perspective of the daily life of a major and influential art gallery. 

Art Imitates Reality TVWill a reality show created by a team of Miami gallerists bring as much attention to our little burg as Art Basel did? We’ll find out soon enough.
Thanks to Dot Fiftyone, TV Land Could Soon Get a Dose of Miami’s Real World of ArtBy Michelle Weinberg
Dot Fiftyone Gallery’s Isaac Perelman is the producer of a new homegrown reality television show. “The idea is to always show that living with art improves your quality of life,” he explains. Living in Art is a 13-episode series that follows Perelman’s codirector in Dot Fiftyone, Alfredo Guzman, as he conducts business for the gallery, interacting with others from Miami’s art community.
Donald and Mera Rubell, influential collectors, invite the crew to see their home and collection; their excitement is infectious as they converse candidly about their beginnings as collectors. The Rubells are very accessible, and Alfredo is quite telegenic. As Mera likens the first works they collected to their “first kids,” you throw up your hands and give in to the irrepressible joy of the whole thing. Fans can hardly object that yet another reality TV show is foisted upon us when it is so unabashedly enthusiastic.
Dot Fiftyone, located at 51 NW 36th St., occupies a capacious warehouse at the intersection of Wynwood and the Design District. In addition to representing the works of artists from the United States, Europe, Latin America and Israel, Dot Fiftyone has hosted events promoting music and fashion in its all-purpose space. Both men are from Argentina, and they confess to being drawn to art by temperament, even though they were educated in other fields — Perelman in TV production and advertising, Guzman as an architect. Their aim for Living in Art is to encourage individuals to become collectors of original art and to demystify the process of acquiring it. A sneak preview of an episode revealed very tidy production, with an emphasis on showing the art, and providing clear visuals and background information on the work and the artist in “capsule” segments.
“It’s entertainment, of course…,” says Perelman, “…and educational,” adds Guzman, completing his sentence. It’s a coup for the team, and no small testament to their charm, that many gallery dealers and art world personalities agreed to participate. Kevin Bruk, Silvana Facchini, Bernice Steinbaum, MOCA Museum Director Bonnie Clearwater , artist Lynne Golob Gelfman and Miami Art Museum Director Terence Riley all appear.
Living in Art is a roving eye behind the scenes, sharing with a neophyte audience how the art world does business. Real-world situations prompt the action in each episode. For example, a collector is looking for a specific work, and Guzman, after showing some of Dot Fiftyone’s inventory, takes the collector to visit another gallery where a sale is eventually made. Another episode invites us into the home of a collector seeking advice on how to hang what where. Guzman is the agreeable star of the series, driving the Audi graciously offered by that sponsor to his various appointments. Another remarkable sponsor is Apple Computer, who rarely sponsors anything! It’s part of Dot Fiftyone’s generous and positive attitude that they eagerly share the limelight — and their collectors — with other gallery dealers. “The prima donna is not us,” says Guzman. Dot Fiftyone is more like a laboratory, a place for happenings, events, anything to do with culture. “We opened without a ton of money behind us, and so we had to be creative with marketing,” explains Perelman. “We make a commitment to building the gallery and to our artists through liaisons that bring new energy. We live in the community. We share. Everything in the show happens as it does in real life. Now that we are functioning well as a gallery, a new stage … will evolve.”