Doctor house call company opens in Miami, plans dozens of jobs

Vittal2you, a doctor house call service, opened in Miami with 10 employees and plans to hire up to 50 people over the next two years.

The company has 20 doctors under contract to visit patients in Florida and plans to increase that to at least 60. It is related to Vittal in Argentina, which has grown to more than 1,000 employees during its 26 years in business.

Its partners in the U.S. include Universal Assistance and Assist Card. The company hopes to save money for employee benefit plans. It aims to get a physician to the patient’s location in three hours or less.

“Having affordable and reliable health care at your door is convenient, easy and the Vittal2you model has already proven itself with millions of visits conducted,” Andrea Cobo, director of operations at Vittal2you, stated in a news release. “Our business programs in Argentina and in the United States have already demonstrated that employers and employees benefit from affordable health care delivered at home and not at other more expensive locations. We also know from the millions of house calls we have conducted that avoiding a trip to the doctor’s office, if you can even get an appointment, not having to visit a crowded clinic and staying away from expensive emergency room visits helps all Vittal2you members get quality care quicker, in less time and for less money.”

The company also plans to expand into Nevada, California and New York.



Source : Brian Bandell

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