Disney on Ice glides into South Florida

For little girls, seeing their favorite Disney princesses skate around on the ice is definitely exciting, but it’s also a dream come true for many of the performers from “Disney On Ice.”

The show – which hits the BB&T Center in Sunrise from Sept. 19-22, and downtown Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena from Sept 25-29 as part of its “Princesses & Heroes” tour – features many beloved characters from popular Disney films, including princesses Jasmine, Ariel, Tiana, Cinderella and many more.


As your little one’s eyes light up while taking in the magic of the show, it might not occur to you that most of the skaters are feeling the same thing, having grown up huge fans of all the Disney movies and characters.

“So many of the princesses in this show are my favorites, so it’s really fun to sometimes skate those roles and hear the music every day,” says Carlina Ramirez, a 23-year-old skater from Brooklyn who’s particularly fond of “Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast.” “This is a great show for little girls and boys, and even older folks, because we have a lot of high-flying, acrobat tricks, and you get to see some things that you normally don’t get to see on ice skates. And there’s a dragon that comes out, so it’s a lot of fun for the boys, too.”


Although she’s not one of the leads, Ramirez is still an important part of the show.

“I’m an ensemble skater,” she says, ” which means I’m in the group numbers and help the princesses and princes look as great as they can be, and support their roles.”

Ramirez’s rise in the skating world is remarkable, considering the many obstacles – financial and otherwise – she faced.


“I started skating really old, at 10 – that’s really old for professional skaters – and it was hard to catch up,” she says, “and I skated for three years in my childhood, then I pursued music instead. So it was always like a catch-up game for me, so it’s great that I can perform in shows even with such limited experience.”

Ramirez is also a saxophonist and a fan of jazz musicians such as John Coltrane, but says this ongoing gig is pretty much a dream come true.

“It really is,” she says. “I think a lot of skaters dream of going to the Olympics and being competitive, but that doesn’t always work out, so this is the next best thing, just to do what we love and what we’re good at, and entertain and bring optimism to children all over the world – it’s just a phenomenal job.”



Source : Michael Hamersly

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