Da Tang Unique opening at Brickell

Dr. Shanjie Li is the co-creator and CEO of American Da Tang Group, a family of companies that facilitates Chinese investment in the United States. Originally from China, Dr. Li specifically has successfully built partnerships with many famous real estate agents in New York and Miami and has been at the forefront of spurring Chinese direct investment in Miami. In the eyes of Dr. Li, there should be no limits on ideas nor boundaries to innovation.


Dr. Li is opening Da Tang Unique because he has observed that the downtown Miami & Brickell neighborhoods do not have any authentic high-end Chinese restaurants. Da Tang Unique will serve to complement his other businesses here in Miami, which focus on real estate development, concierge service, luxury design, real estate construction and quality management, asset management and providing or facilitating other professional services for Chinese investors in Miami. In addition, Dr. Li is working with airline carriers and government officials to ensure direct flight service from China to Miami to more easily attract Chinese investors to Miami. Here is more information about Da Tang Unique :


According to Miami.com :

“Chinese-American businessman Shan-Jie Li, CEO of New York-based American Da Tang Group, is set to open his interpretation of a modern Chinese restaurant on Nov. 19 in the Four Ambassadors in Brickell. Li says Da Tang Unique will feature “a wide range of traditional Chinese dishes from the many distinctive regional cuisines of China, based on recipes that go back 5,000 years, combined with the local flavors of Miami” written by Evan S. Benn.


According to New Times :

“The restaurant will feature recipes dating back 5,000 years and featuring foods eaten during the Tang Dynasty. Many of the recipes were served to royalty. Most of the dishes have stories attached to them that are centuries old, like the tale of the beggar’s chicken, a bird wrapped in lotus leaves and cooked over a small fire for three hours. “The chicken tells the story of a king who, upon being carried from his carriage, smelled something wonderful. It was the delicious scent of food,” Cheung says. “He was taken to a village where farmers were cooking this simple peasant dish of chicken. He was so enamored with it that he made it the national dish. Everything has such a great story behind it.” Each dish will come with a little card that explains its origins.” written by Laine Doss.


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