Colette, French Date Spot in South Beach

Colette Little French Bistro opened over two weeks ago on Lincoln Road. Featuring woven chairs and a Parisian-inspired decor, its outdoor terrace feels more Champs-Élysées than South Beach.


It’s all wood and warm and homey in here. Like a country cottage on the outskirts of the Alps. There’s fully stocked wooden wine racks. An old-timey mailbox out front. Candlelit two-tops. That sort of thing.


All of which equals: a good old-fashioned date spot. First date, second date, third date—doesn’t matter. The movie theater nearby: start there. Afterward, suggest this little gem to your date. While you’re at it, suggest the cozy corner banquette for some mussels and frites.


Chef Frederick Bouldron, who worked in several Michelin-rated restaurants in France, previously served as chef de cuisine at Miami’s Tosca and Villa Mayfair. Now he runs the kitchen at Colette, where he offers simple, classic, and well-priced French fare. We were recently invited to sample his dishes. What follows is a preview of the bistro’s menu.

At Colette, Bouldron removes from escargots ($12) from their shells and drowns them in a decadent butter-parsley sauce. Never tried ’em before? Now’s as good a time as any.


French onion soup is served sizzling and oozing cheesy goodness. It’s perfect for the upcoming winter season.


Colette offers several tartars, including salmon, steak, and tuna varieties. We ordered the tuna ($14). “The tuna is sliced differently here, and it’s mixed with mango and a bit of spice,” explains owner Francis Pittilloni. Shallots, chives, cucumbers, and fried onions top it off.


The poulet cajun ($20) is the restaurant’s signature dish. Marinated in strong spices and served with French fries, the chicken is tender, juicy, and smoky.


This French bistro cooks the rib eye to your liking. It’s drenched in a mysterious 21-ingredient sauce ($26).


While the rest of the beach breaks stone crabs, everyone at Colette is slurping mussels ($18). Here, they come in a creamy white wine sauce.


At this Lincoln Road restaurant, you can end the night on a sweet note. Try the Nutella crepe; it’s just like the ones we’ve tried on the streets of Paris.



Source : Carla Torres, Urban Daddy

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