Champions league-look who’s watching

British Prime Minister David Cameron was clearly delighted to see Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League final – but the penalty-shoot defeat left German Chancellor Angela Merkel stony-faced.

The White House released a picture from the Laurel Cabin at Camp David of the moment Chelsea secured victory with Barack Obama playing referee between the two leaders at the G8 summit.

Cameron, who is an Aston Villa fan, enjoyed the victory but did cause controversy earlier in the day when comments he made about Chelsea’s suspended captain John Terry were picked up by microphones.

Talking before the final, Merkel said to Cameron: “Terry is not there” to which Cameron replied: “That’s good.” Merkel then asked “Don’t you like him?” to which Cameron replied: “He’s said some bad things.”

Terry was accused of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand during the league match in October: a complaint was made against the Chelsea defender and he was charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence by the Crown Prosecution Service in February. He will stand trial on July 9 and vehemently denies the charge.

Labour MP Steve Rotheram, who is a member of the Commons sport select committee, criticised Cameron for his remarks.

“Somebody like David Cameron should know better. No matter what happens the trial has not taken place yet,” he is quoted as saying in the Sunday Mirror.

“I would call it stupidity. He wants to be seen as one of the lads so he is talking about ordinary things that people in the pub talk about. But he can’t get away with it. His every utterance is picked up, He should have been much more circumspect.” 

Downing Street did not deny the comment was made: “You have got what he said. It was at the start of a working session. Merkel made a comment and that was his reply. It speaks for itself. He said what he said.”

The world leaders watched and discussed the match in between debating the eurozone debt crisis at the Group of Eight summit at the US President’s Camp David retreat in Maryland.

Chelsea won on penalties after the match had finished 1-1

source: Yahoo