Ceviche 105 opening new location at SoBe

Ceviche 105 invites you to enjoy the most exquisite traditional peruvian dishes in a modern presentation, in a chilled and pleasant environment in order to make your lunch or dinner an enjoyable experience. After a great success at Downtown, now they open a new location at South Beach this Sunday, Oct 26th. This is the five-year old restaurant’s second location and is located on the western end of Lincoln Road, a spot known for catering to locals with eateries like Haven and Altamare rounding out the mini-restaurant row. Here is more information about Ceviche 105 New Location :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Yep, Juan Chipoco’s taken over the Kim’s Chinese spot on Lincoln Road. And it looks like a Peruvian abode signed up for some South Beach styling tricks—slick white Tetris-like walls, banquettes in multicolored textiles, coarse fabrics and ropes hanging over the bar and skulls from the Andes placed over the kitchen doors. (Those are fake, by the way. Well, probably.)

Anyway, the ceviche and tiradito bar under the fish chandelier would make for a solid date play. Feel free to use the vertical garden on the back wall as a conversation starter. Something like Vertical gardens really hit their stride this time of year or I really don’t garden enough or… maybe just get started on some hamachi tiraditos and smoked-lobster Peruvian rolls.”


According to Miami.com :

“The 4,000-square-foot restaurant will feature a full liquor bar and both indoor and sidewalk dining, offering menu staples like ceviche, tiraditos and anticuchos, plus traditional Peruvian-spiced meat and seafood entrees. Says co-owner and Executive Chef Juan Chipoco (the guy on the life-size poster covering the windows of the space), With so many world-class chefs, restaurants and incredible new hotel projects in Miami Beach, CVI.CHE 105 now adds Lima to the mix, like two of the most dynamic restaurant markets in the world coming together.” written by Sara Liss.


Stay tuned at Miami City Social for more information.