Centro Taco opens at Downtown Miami

Centro Taco will be a place to try new ways of familiar flavors. Chef Hales will interpret Mexican recipes in his own style creating something fresh and new for Downtown Miami. The menu will be influenced by South Florida and what makes #305 a great food city. The taco will be the bridge between the two great food cultures. The interior will be designed by Chef Hales and just like his design at Blackbrick Chinese will be modern, whimsical and edgy. Childhood hero’s will again dominate the walls and grafiti art will play its part. Centro Taco will be a table service restaurant and will serve lunch, dinner & brunch to start with taco breakfast & late night taco parties coming after opening. Beer & wine to start and full liquor in the works. Here is more information about Centro Taco :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Yes, the guy behind Blackbrick and Sakaya Kitchen is at it again. Except here, he’s going the Mexico-City-street-food route and fusing it with a few local touches think gator-pibil tacos, Panther-coffee vinegars, pickled grapefruit and choco tacos using Azucar’s almond ice cream. The vibe here: Abuela’s casita meets a graffiti artist’s loft. Witness: yellow floral wallpaper, framed family photos, hand-painted eyes from Ahol Sniffs Glue and a portrait of Bill Murray as a general up on the wall. Abuelas love the Murray. Now, you’re probably wondering about the beer. And we’re here to tell you there are eight of them on tap along with three rotating aguas frescas and some Mexican soda. And we’re also here to tell you that there’s a dim sum cart rolling around with stuff like duck-carnitas tacos and ceviche for you and a group of tortilla aficionados to partake in.”


According to New Times :

“As diners sipped on mango agua fresca and Wynwood La Rubia, servers passed around a cart filled with small bites. Hales is taking a page out of the dim sum book, figuring that hungry people can choose a few small items while waiting for their meals. “We’re located in downtown, and a lot of people are either stressed and hungry from a long workday or need a quick lunch. They can just choose a few dishes from the cart and go or have an item or two before their meal arrives.” The cart was loaded with pairs of oysters served with a sangrita mignonette ($3 each oyster), pulled-pork flautas ($4 each), and grit girl bollitas ($6).  Appetizers included the vegan nosh ($8), a large tray filled with hearty house-made corn chips and a trio of dips, hummus, cashew crema, and pepita. Mixed with the salsas provided on each table, it’s more than enough for a table to share for the duration of the meal. ” written by Laine Doss.


According to ChatChow :

“Centro Taco is located in the former Sakaya Kitchen Downtown location, but it looks nothing like its predecessor. Owner Richard Hales helped design the interiors, much like his restaurant Blackbrick Chinese, which features eclectic wallpaper, graffiti “eyes” and in the back of the restaurant there is an open space where you can see people hand-making the tortillas throughout the day. And as a nod to its Asian-influenced sister restaurants, there is a dim sum cart rolling around the dinning room filled with a variety of Mexican dishes. The menu was created by Richard Hales and chef de cuisine James Seyba and it’s divided into several different sections. For starters we tried the Flauta de Dia served with a warm chipotle salsa boracha, vegan crema, cotija; Grit Girl Bollita made with Grit Girl Mississippi stone ground grits, raw vegan verde salsa; and the Gordita made with Haitian Griots & Pikliz, cotija and raw vegan verde. If Queso Flameado is your thing Centro has an entire section dedicated to that, where we tried the one filled with crispy sweetbreads and foie gras.”


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