Carol’s Cucina & Vino opens in Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami will be having a new taste of mix italian brazilian restaurant opens. It’s called Carol’s Cucina & Vino. The restaurants opens in 245 SE 1st St in Downtown Miami. Here is more information about the restaurant :

According to Miami New Times :

“During Saturday brunch, Carol’s serves feijoada, a traditional Brazilian stew made with black beans and a mixture of salted, smoked, and fresh meats.

A frequent diner herself, 30-year-old Moura found the city-lacked great tasting, affordable restaurants where people would feel comfortable dressed in their gym attire.

With its friendly staff, warm décor, and a menu where nothing is priced over $16, it’s safe to say Carol’s is determined to fill that void. That said, given its location, lunch draws mainly business-types.” written by Valeria Nekhim.

According to Urban Daddy :

“Meet Carolina Moura. She’s a native Brazilian who longed for a world where ravioli and feijoada could deliciously coexist. So she plucked the sous-chef from Gigi and made it so. That’s this place. And in case you’re wondering, pasta and Brazilian stew get along just fine.

Inside: cozy rustic-ness. All espresso-colored tables, warm brick walls and fully loaded wine racks. Naturally.

But really, this looks like your new lunchtime go-to when you’ve got a hankering for cabernet at a long wooden bar. So grab a stool and a glass of wine as you lock eyes with the Brazilian-and-Italian spread laid out before you. We’re talking about the specials on the chalkboard menu. Don’t make it weird.

But do order the bacon pancetta pizza. Same goes for the coxinha. That’s fried Brazilian croquettes made from pulled chicken and potatoes. Except here, they’re made with rice to resemble the Italian arancini. See, fusion.”



Carol’s seems to have exciting flavour to bring. Stay tune for more information about the detail menu and opening hours.