Cafe Babbo Miami now opens at Wynwood

Wynwood got themself a new Italian place called Cafe Babbo Miami. It is a locally owned Italian cafe and wine bar located in the heart of the booming Wynwood Art District. The cafe is the brainchild of partners Antonio Chia and Alessandro Pazzaglia, childhood friends who have a combined passion for both good, hearty cuisine and art, and are eager to share it with Miami. Here is more information about Cafe Babbo Miami :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Walking in, you’ve got white-and-black floors. Platinum walls. Funky chairs made by Dutch hippies. And a Babbo sculpture modeled in the neo-Expressionist Transavantgarde movement—actually, you know what… just take a look at the whole thing right over here. And when you’re done with that, here are a few salient feasting points:
—They’ve got a wood-burning oven churning out all manner of pies like the Babbo Pizza with bacon and egg.
—The owner’s parents have a winery in Italy. It’s called Castello Romitorio. That’s what you’ll be drinking with your pie.
—The Fiat 500 in here is real. It’s from Italy. It was built in 1961. No, you can’t eat your pizza in it.
—On Tuesdays, they have something called a taco pizza. It’s basically a cheesy pizza crust that’s been stuffed with guac and chicken or shrimp and then folded in half.”


According to Miami Food Pug :

“On the menu at Cafe Babbo, you’ll find a wide range of tasty items — but it wasn’t always intended to be so expansive. One of the original concepts for Cafe Babbo was a sandwich shop. Chia’s family owns the Castello Romitorio estate in Montalcino, and he wanted to sell his family’s wine in the cafe. However, he realized that a wine bar needed to sell more than just sandwiches. As a result, the menu was tweaked into its current iteration. According to Chia, the Babbo Pizza was designed with breakfast in mind; it’s intended to be a hangover cure. While we can’t vouch for its morning-after benefits, we can say that it’s really damn good; the egg on top adds an extra layer of flavor that complements the cheesy goodness. The Rucolosa is equally impressive with generous greens and some of the freshest pachino tomatoes we’ve tasted. The pies are made by Cafe Babbo’s resident pizzaiolo, who trained in Napoli and is ‘an artist with pizzas.'”


According to NewTimes :

“The intimate restaurant seats about 50 people and combines classic Italian style elements and art. A wood burning oven, emblazoned with the restaurant’s mascot, Babbo, on it. Babbo, by the way, is a way of saying father in Italian. Another Babbo, this time a life-size sculpture of a primitive-yet-sophisticated man, greets guests at the door, wearing a jaunty fedora. Other decor highlights include a fully operational vintage 1961 cappuccino machine from Italy and an authentic 1961 Fiat Cinquecento, which will be parked outside.” written by Laine Doss.


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