Byblos Miami opens at South Beach

A New Mediterranean place has opened at South Beach called Byblos. Byblos brings the exciting flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean to diners in a progressively designed space. Byblos represents a marriage of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine with strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients. Using time-honored classic cooking techniques and modern methods the menu is a true coastal and cultural mosaic, served family style in a convivial atmosphere. Here is more information about Byblos Miami :


According to Urban Daddy :

“Thank you, Toronto is probably something you’ll be uttering soon. Because that’s where this place hails from. Maybe Canada’s making up for those ketchup chips. Who knows. Anyway, here are three things you’ll want to keep in mind before stepping inside.
1. The Mediterranean decor is strong with this one. Feels like you’re feasting in a Turkish boudoir. Plush blue cushioned couches, whitewashed oak, accordion-style art on the walls and silver lanterns.
2. Hope you like meze. Try the black-truffle pide, a wood-fired flatbread stuffed with halloumi. And the prime ribeye in za’atar butter. So, yes, you like meze.
3. Drinks. Allow us to suggest the cold-tea service. It’s Moroccan mint and spiced ginger tea spiked with the likes of gin and bourbon before being served on a silver platter.”


According to Digest :

“Located adjacent to the Royal Palm South Beach Miami, Byblos is inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean region featuring a sophisticated lounge on the main floor and opulent 200-seat dining room upstairs. Executive Chef Stuart Cameron helms the kitchen and creatively integrates the flavors of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine with ingredients that are unique to Florida. Flavors are bold, yet subtle. Among our favorite dishes are the Lamb Ribs. They are prepared sous vide to yield deliciously tender meat and are then lightly glazed with carob molasses and coated with Dukkah (an Egyptian blend of herbs, nuts and spices). The ribs are served atop buttermilk sauce with a touch of red chili chug.”


According to World Eye :

“This week, Toronto-based hospitality moguls Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji hosted a series of private dinners at the highly anticipated Byblos Miami. Byblos with Executive Chef Stuart Cameron, which gained immediate success after its Toronto launch early last year, is set to officially open its doors Wednesday, July 22nd at 1545 Collins Avenue adjacent to The Royal Palm South Beach. The 200-seat restaurant is poised to bring diners the vibrant and exciting flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean and quickly become part of Miami’s blossoming culinary scene.”


According to Ocean Drive :

“For a restaurant to cook rice to order is ambitious, but at the Eastern Mediterranean eatery Byblos (named after one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world), à la minute is the standard for every one of the six basmati rice dishes on the menu. Not a lot of kitchens want to do that, says Executive Chef Stuart Cameron. But part of Persian cuisine is all about rice and the way it’s done. What Cameron does at Byblos, which is now occupying the former Catch space in the Shorecrest building at The Royal Palm in South Beach, is marry old-world flavors with modern methods and some novel ingredients. Some things you can’t change because they’re so good, he says, referring to the jeweled basmati rice. In Middle Eastern cuisine, so many different regions do the exact same dish, and everyone says they created [it].” written by Carla Torres.


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