Brothers and Brawlers opens at Wynwood

There’s a new coffee shop that’s just open at Wynwood. It is called Brothers and Brawlers. The coolest thing about this place is the fact that the space is a part motorcycle store, part boutique, part coffee shop. It is a Brandhouse for Dirocco Eyewear. Free shared work space, specialty coffee and shopping from curated independent brands. Here is more information about Brothers and Brawlers :


According to Eater :

“If you’ve made your way through Wynwood lately, odds are you’ve walked by Brothers and Brawlers, the warehouse decorated on the outside by a Stranger Things inspired alphabet wall. But inside the head scratching facade, lies a unique concept store space that is the brainchild of Sebastian Ramirez. Interwoven amongst the vintage motorcycles, racks of handmade clothes, sunglasses and bespoke tailoring studio, is a coffee bar that has quickly become the go-to spot to get a java fuel-up in the neighborhood. Manning the post is Panther Coffee vet Ryan Hall, who created Brother and Brawlers concise coffee menu focusing on a handful of espresso-based drinks using New York City favorite Eastlick Coffee and Miami’s own Panther Coffee. Each drink is tailored to the guest’s preference in coffee, sweet milk and foam, but cold brew, “original formula” Coca Cola and Sprite, along with a rotating daily doughnut by Ella Cafe are also on hand.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to Herald :

“Imagine blending your favorite coffee shop, clothing store and man cave all into one? Sebastian Tatano-Ramirez had the same idea and his new concept store, Brothers & Brawlers in Wynwood, has brought the concept to life. Doughnuts included. Tatano-Ramirez started off with a sunglass line, Dirocco Eyewear, which he dubbed the first complete carbon design available on the market. Instead of selling his glasses to distributors around town, he created his own space to sell out of with a man’s touch. The space is big enough to fit a Land Rover — which he did, but then sold. It also has a suit room known as Brawlers Row; a coffee bar; and a space in the back to chill and take in all the action your eyes can handle. And, yes, everything in the store is for sale.” written by CHRISTIAN PORTILLA.


According to Yelp :

“The coolest most original eyewear concept store in Miami and my favorite place to go work, have meetings, or just meet up with friends.  Really good coffee, amazing teas, and I just wanted to buy my husband everything in there!  If you haven’t gone by, you must check it out! Miami needed a place like this”. written by Chiara M. (rated 5 stars).


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