Brasserie Azur opens at Midtown

You know how sometimes you just feel like having French classics, just fresh and made well? Well that’s what Brasserie Azur is all about. A New French Restaurant in Midtown brought by the Villa Azur crew. When brewing the concept, they wanted a place that felt homey, the kind where you could spend the entire day and be back on tomorrow. What makes them the bee’s knees? Well for one, they have a rotisserie station that makes the juiciest roasted chickens in town. At the seafood bar you’ll be able to pick the lucky lobster that will be prepared for you by the chefs. Fancy some pizzettas? They got it as well. Happy hour, express lunch, fresh charcuterie, a foosball table, a massive wine list.. all say yes. Here is more information about Brasserie Azur :


According to Urban Daddy :

“The people behind this Franco-leisure spread: none other than the Villa Azur crew. Yep, same guys who throw those insane Thursday night dinner parties. Must’ve figured Midtown could use a little French savoir faire… and foosball (we’ll get there in a second). They’re not wrong. The inside rivals the French-est of chalets. Exposed brick, stone tables and a pergola overhead woven with LED-lit bougainvilleas that change color. Great for a champagne-laden afternoon lunch consisting of truffled rotisserie chicken and oysters from the seafood bar. But let’s say it’s getting late. You’re with a date. And you’re looking to enlist the services of a cold drink. That’s when you’ll take a seat outside, by the gurgling fountain. Order a pitcher of the rosé sangria or a martini. And move things along to the foosball table, where you’ll lock eyes over plastic figures waiting for action.”


According to Eater :

“Lunch, brunch and dinner menus all feature delectable plates such as a beef tenderloin skewer accompanied by three sauces, a truffle burger with pan seared foie gras and a poached sea bass served with aioli sauce, respectively. Executive chef from Villa Azur, Erwin Mallet, will helm the kitchen along with chef Michael Bujold, a former contestant on Iron Chef, and former Pastisserie Pepin pastry chef and champion chocolate maker, François Paille. Designed by François Frossard, whose portfolio includes designs for Brasserie’s sister restaurant, Story Nightclub and Liv, Brasserie Azur offers 190 total seats, in and outdoors, stone tabletops, rural benches and Tuscan pergola ceilings.” written by Greyceli Marin.


According to Haute Living :

“All of this equates to some serious hanging out, but it’s not essential to spend a lot of time at Brasserie Azur. In fact, they are offering an express lunch menu which is going to allow diners to eat two full courses in under forty five minutes. And it will be good too. With Executive Chef Erwin Mallet at the helm, they will serve up plates like butterflied whole grilled branzino with fennel and lemon; roast beef slices au jus served with homemade mashed potatoes; and chicken paillard marinated with lemon herbs, served with arugula and cherry tomato salad. Pastry Chef Francois Paille will be tempting sweet teeth with pistachio macaron, the tiramisu tart, and the caramelized meringue lemon tart as well as an old-school dessert cart with chocolate mousse and apple tarts. More good news is that you will not have to wait six months to go their for brunch. They are going straight into it with egg dishes like Eggs Benedict, hamburgers with foie gras and bottomless mimosas for an extra $25. Chin chin!” written by Hadley Henriette.


According to Yelp :

“New place in midtown, if you look for a nice ambiance without the “too much”, a place where you could come eat lunch and dinner every day without being tired of it, they have some French Riviera specialities who are just amazing, the tartare is great, dessert to die for, great service, this place is going to be my new favorite spot in my neighborhood…..” written by Tristan A. (rated 5 stars)


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