Boxelder Craft Beer Market opening at Wynwood

Miami is getting a new drinking spot, Boxelder, The Craft Beer Market is opening and located in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida. Boxelder is an independent, family-owned bottle shop and taproom offering a selection of craft beers and provisions. Owners Nicole and Adam Darnell utilize their years of experience to present a wide selection of American craft and Belgian beers along with a strong programming and event calendar that includes tastings, guest speakers as well as food and beer pairings. Here is more information about Boxelder :


According to Urban Daddy :

“To properly build your beer cave. The couple behind this joint know their brew. Let them guide you through their concrete-and-wood-lined nook to build a six-pack from the 150 bottles on hand. You can also go the growler route, but the six-packs were specially made to fit on bikes, so… that’s something you’ll want to personally verify.

To unwind after the office. With 20 taps. All local. Also: candied bacon from Miami Smokers, a deck of Cards Against Humanity and a back patio to enjoy it all on. They also have kombucha on tap. For… yeah, kombucha.

To enhance your collection of random party trivia. Via interactive beer classes they’re offering once a month. Knowledge is power. And party trivia.

To impress a certain someone. Blind tastings. They’re happening here.”


According to RealDeal :

“The 1,200-square-foot space, in the same building as Ducati at 2825 Northwest Second Avenue in Miami, is part of a complex developed by Tony Cho, founder and CEO of Metro 1.

“We’re excited to welcome Boxelder into the complex,” Cho told The Real Deal. “They epitomize the independent, home-grown brands that really make Wynwood unique, and I feel they are going to become a staple for the neighborhood. Every tenant is a piece of our community, so I think this is an important piece.”

Boxelder, owned by the husband and wife team of Nicole and Adam Darnell, is named after the species of maple tree that is native to North America, and for Boxelder Canyon in Wyoming that Adam Darnell visited while growing up in the mountainous state.

A century ago, boxelders were planted along the banks of a river, Adam Darnell said. ‘It’s a metaphor for the craft scene in Miami,” he said. “We’re putting down our roots to allow others to grow alongside us.'” written by Ina Cordle.


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