Box Park Opens: Citrus-Cured Triggerfish and Brickell Pickles

Box Park, the second of the trilogy of British-inspired establishments by Nobu alum Santiago Rodriguez, opened this past Tuesday, July 23, in Brickell. The third piece to the puzzle, Harvey Wolf, will begin operating in the fall.

Though Box Park is a “sister” to The Hoxton, the decor and menu couldn’t be any more different. While The Hoxton brings a New England day-at-the-beach vibe complete with clambakes and “lobstah” rolls in a white-washed wood setting, Box Park‘s decor — and menu — are clean and bold.


Box Park

The restaurant features a large bar, communal seating, and a large open kitchen where diners can have a meal while watching the chefs do their thing. Shades of blonde wood warm up the white and chrome furnishings.

Box Park‘s menu is broken down into snacks, salads, plates, and pizzas. Especially intriguing is the “fermented & cured” section, which tempts with some unusual options like rabbit liver pate with smoked peach jam and charred bread ($9), duck confit with sweet potato hash, chinese mustard aioli, better greens and duck jus ($18), house fermented kimchi ($6), citrus-cured triggerfish ($10), and Brickell pickles, a selection of out-of-season local vegetables that have been preserved for your amusement ($5).

Even standards like the charcuterie plate gets turned around with selections that include duck ham, whipped lardo, ndula (a spicy spreadable salami from Calabria), and antelope salami. Choose three for $12, five for $16, or all for $20.

Even though Box Park has a European vibe, the restaurant is firmly rooted in Florida, with fried alligator ($14), Everglades gumbo made with wild boar andouille and gator ($15), and Florida mango and burrato ($15) on the menu.

Can’t decide on your own? There’s a “just send food” option which leaves your dining fate in the hands of the kitchen for $100 with wine and beer flights or $75 without.



Source : Laine Doss

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