Botlr, the first robo butler at Aloft South Beach

The butler at one South Florida hotel is more than a workhorse. He’s a machine, literally. The future of guest comfort is now in the hands of the robo-butler. Aloft South Beach is raising the bar when it comes to its guests. Just like the cartoon “The Jetsons,” the hotel just rolled out the world’s first robotic butler. Once Botlr arrives to the room, it calls you. Here is more information about Botlr :


According to :

“The eager-to-please robot, who’s utilized to make runs to guest rooms and deliver anything from a toothbrush to a beach towel, touched down in Miami this morning and will be staying at the newly opened Aloft South Beach for the next couple of weeks. Botlr, who’s quite disarming in person, will be lighting up the hotel lobby in South Beach and surprising guests with special delivery items from the “Botlr Takes Miami” menu. He’s also not averse to posing for selfies, so don’t be shy. His onboard navigation system senses what’s around him, so he can navigate the hotel’s environment with ease and even stop to greet guests. “People love it from the perspective of it just being a childhood wonderment,” says Brian McGuinness, SVP of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Specialty Select Brands, under whose umbrella the Aloft brand resides. “It’s the whole R2D2 thing.” written by Shayne Benowitz.


According to New Times :

“For six years, Aloft hotels have pushed the technological envelope. They’ve done away with classic key cards in favor of smartphone apps that open your door and control the A/C unit, but Aloft’s latest development, an adorable robot butler named Botlr, is by far the most fun. Developed by Savioke and perfected by Aloft staff, Botlr is a helpful hip-level attendant happy to run you whatever your heart desires. Need a toothbrush and toothpaste? Call the front desk and they’ll send Botlr right over. Maybe you’ve got a late night sweet tooth? Botlr can bring you the Kit Kat of your dreams.” written by Kat Bein.


According to Urban Daddy :

“This guy started out in Cupertino. Then the powers that be decided that he should spend some much-needed vacation time in South Beach. Sadly for Botlr, “vacation” is entirely subjective here. Because if you happen to be checking into the Aloft for a bit, you’ll spot him navigating the elevators as he makes his way to deliver sundries to each room. You might even decide to summon him for a few beach towels before hitting the shore. He’s the R2-D2-looking fellow with a name tag that says “Botlr.” Also: he’s the only robot on the premises. So there’s that.”


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