Better Days pop up bar opens in Brickell this Friday

Brickell gets their first pop up bar as a new addition. It’s called Better Days. It’s located on the ground floor of the 500 Brickell Building within a Thrift Shop. Better Days will bring a fresh look at craft cocktails, beers, & American kitsch. It will have it’s grand open party this Friday, August 8th. More information about Better Days :


According to :

“Once you arrive at Better Days, you’ll find the dead flamingo logo, vintage furniture and materials in a living room-style setting with a few TVs, pool tables, and a DJ booth/stage for live performances. Better Days, open daily from 5 p.m. – 5 a.m., features a revolving menu of craft cocktails and beers, including two simple day changers, the Paloma and the Michelada. Both are popular Mexican refreshments lauded for their thirst-quenching properites. The Paloma is a tequila-based drink with fresh grapefruit juice, lime, and soda water and the Michelada is cerveza spiked with lime juice, spices, peppers, and served in a salt-rimmed pint glass.” written by Galena Mosovich.


According to Eater :

“The idea to Better Days was inspired by an image I’d collected about a man in various stages of his life and the happiness he’d shared in those four images with friends and family. Many folks tend to hold on to the past as their best days while also looking to the future for more, when some of our better days are the ones we are living now. As for why he chose Miami for own project, Schott raves, Miami is at the forefront of culture, arts, music, and cool and there’s no better place to try to drive a stake into than the epicenter of it all. Promising fine drinks at fair prices, the bar will serve up a revolving menu of craft cocktails and beers, often on special for Brickell residents.” written by Ana Heretoiu.


According to Yelp, by Tina V (4 stars) :

“Pretty small chill bar with a loungy feel. Plenty of couches and booths. A small wrap around bar. It kind of reminds me of those hip brewery lounges in San Diego, CA minus the high price. Well actually more like a high class biker bar. Right now its their soft opening and prices are decent for Brickell area. $6-$7 for specialty beer and $8 to $10 for cocktails. Music is alternative rock to alternative hip hop and R&B. Overall a like for me but I wont know how I really feel until I come back a few more times.”


Stay tuned for more information at Miami City Social.