Beckham’s Miami Stadium plan hits a clash

The retired English footballer, David Beckham having a problem to make his dream on building his own stadium at Miami. Sources says that in recent weeks with a vocal alliance including cruise ship operators Royal Caribbean, maritime workers and a number of prominent Miami politicians expressing their opposition publicly about the proposal plan from David Beckham side. Here is more information about the news :


According to Reuters :

“The cruise line is spearheading a group called the Miami Seaport Alliance, which has paid for full-page newspaper ads and TV and radio spots opposing Beckham’s plans. The alliance says a stadium would threaten the 200,000 jobs generated by the port, which is owned and operated by Miami-Dade County.

The port, built on a landfill island close to downtown, calls itself the cruise capital of the world, handling more than 4 million passengers in 2013. Formally known as PortMiami, it is also a large cargo container facility. A soccer stadium at PortMiami is downright nutty, according to one ad by the alliance. We cannot jeopardize well-paying jobs, like crane operators, longshore workers, and mechanics, for low-paying stadium jobs, such as concession sales, it adds.

Royal Caribbean said in a statement on Friday a stadium would be a poor use of (Miami’s) only port, arguing it would disrupt cargo and cruise operations by adding at least 6,000 cars and 30,000 people to the downtown area.

John Fox, president of the Miami Seaport Alliance, who until recently headed government relations for Royal Caribbean in Washington, accused Beckham of a land grab this week, saying he suspected the stadium was a shoehorn for a much larger development plan on real estate close to the port entrance.”


According to :

“Now Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who stood alongside Beckham and MLS commissioner Don Gerber in February as the retired star made his long expected formal announcement that he was exercising his right to buy a start-up MLS franchise, has joined those keen to steer him away from the previously preferred seaport site.

In a letter to Beckham’s New York-based real estate adviser John Alschuler, Gimenez urges the investment partnership known as Miami Beckham United to consider building instead on another downtown waterfront parcel a little further north.

I am asking you to undertake a thorough analysis of the area located immediately north of the American Airlines Arena and immediately south of Museum Park, including the area known as the FEC slip, he wrote.”


According to Herald :

“While the retired English footballer didn’t go as far as to call the slip his top choice — that’s apparently still PortMiami — he made it clear that he does not envision his new team playing in the suburbs, essentially dismissing other locations outside the urban core that had been discussed, including next to Marlins Park, at Florida International University and by Miami International Airport.

The preferred sites are the ones on the water, Beckham told the Miami Herald in between meetings with county commissioners. I’m not going to lie to people about that.

Before Mayor Carlos Gimenez asked Beckham and his investors Monday to consider filling the boat slip, Beckham’s group had focused its $250 million stadium pitch almost entirely on the port’s southwest corner. That county-owned property is still part of the negotiations between Gimenez’s administration and Miami Beckham United, which has said it would pay privately for construction. The group also plans to apply for a state subsidy.” written by PATRICIA MAZZEI.


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