Beachcraft, a new spotlight at SoBe

At Beachcraft, Tom Colicchio takes his signature American farm-to-table style and marries it with a Mediterranean sensibility to create a restaurant reminiscent of a seaside grill. The exhibition kitchen will feature a large custom-made Grillworks Infierno from which simply-prepared, just-caught fish and seafood emerge. The menu will be comprised of dishes featuring the best seasonal produce to accompany pristine fish. A full raw bar, abundant salads, freshly-made pastas and signature pizzas will complete the menu. An open kitchen outfitted in navy blue fixtures gives way to a large rectangular bar offering beer, wine and cocktails, connected to a full raw bar and outdoor seating. Up one flight of stairs, the second floor mezzanine offers an additional bar, a covered outdoor patio and shaded seating reserved for private dining options. Opening since last month at 1 Hotel South Beach, Beachcraft seems to have gathered quite a crowd. Here is more information about Beachcraft :


According to Urban Daddy :

“The space is magnificent. Like a Hamptons beach house with a green thumb. All rock walls, warm woods and small plants on the bar that can be used to spruce up your drink. So if you find your gin-and-St-Germain-filled Euro-Trip is lacking in the basil department, you can own that situation. As one does. That generous raw bar in the middle: a strategic starting point. Round up a small tower of razor clams and oysters. Then, slide into one of the brown leather booths for wine and sea urchin bucatini with a pescetarian-leaning date.”


According to :

“Beachcraft shares the same eco-conscious luxe feel as the hotel, all organic cotton and botanical musk. The food, likewise, focuses on sustainable seafood and produce, most of which is composed as small plates that average about $18, with outliers like a $210 raw-bar tower or $11 for an order of cheesy, creamy chorizo croquette balls.  You’re not going to find Colicchio cooking (the couple celebrating a birthday at the table next to us was crushed at the news). But executive chef Michael Fiorello, a South Florida native, adeptly handles the job at Beachcraft while simultaneously overseeing Colicchio’s other menus at the property. ” written by Evan S. Benn.


According to New Times :

“Staying in line with 1 Hotel & Homes sustainable look and feel, Beachcraft’s design is the work of Meyer Davis studio (responsible for other stunners like Corsair, Lure, and the Dutch). Think modern beach house meets Texas ranch with tons of the natural elements in the hotel – rock walls, shrubs for both décor and cocktail use, and wine boxes repurposed into paper napkin holders and other utilities. Inviting leather booths have been created from leather and an outdoor herb garden highlights the restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy. They grow everything from lemongrass to citrus trees, cocoa trees, and dark opal basil. The menu will change seasonally, but don’t be surprised to finds novel dishes. We’re changing every single night, says food and beverage director Kevin D’Antonio. Keeping some of our core standbys but always introducing new items according to whatever is available.” written by Carla Torres.


According to travelandleisure :

“At Beachcraft, which opened to the public over the weekend, Colicchio is working with executive chef and South Florida homeboy Michael Fiorello. The tone is blissfully serene—no pounding house music, like most South Beach restaurants—and decidedly eco-friendly. Designed by Meyer Davis Studio, Beachcraft is done up in petrified wood coffee tables and reclaimed wood ceilings. The food, prepared in an open kitchen, is similarly thoughtful, with biodynamic sparkling wine from Oregon’s King Estate and antibiotic-free meat dishes. Reister Farms’ Lamb Chops with Harissa Yogurt & Eggplant Caponata is one of Beachcraft’s featured attractions. The other highlights of the menu include an exclusive dish—Beets Corvelli with Artichokes, Cured Olives, Anchovies, & Cherry Peppers (pictured)—as well as the Manila Clam Flatbread with Pancetta & Oregano.” written by Tom Austin.


According to Yelp :

“First, let me start with the service. BY FAR, the best service I have received in a restaurant in Miami. PERIOD. From the attention at arrival to the constant great service throughout the meal, this was solid. The waiters were great and even the Manager (Rafaela) came over many times to make sure we were doing great. Where else can you get that? Now, let’s get to the food. We had 11 dishes in total and I honestly don’t think I had one bad dish. From the chicken liver mousse (insane), to the live scallop ceviche (yes, they have the LIVE scallops right there and they chuck them before they serve this), to the charred escarole with pork belly porchetta. Just crazy good” written by Hugo (rated 5 stars).


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