Baru Urbano opens at Midtown

A bunch of Colombians walk into a bar.

No—scratch that.

A bunch of Colombians open a bar.

Which makes for a much more promising night.

Because Barú Urbano, that crazy artsy enclave of fried Colombian foodstuffs and caipirinhas, is spreading its wings to Midtown and is slated to open next week.


Here’s what you need to know about their latest digs…


It looks like the old Ricochet space.

Well, because it is. They’ve commandeered the 3,000-square-foot area left vacant by the gilded cocktailery. The gold-and-purple marble bar: still there. But now there’s a bunch of neon-splashed street art, mismatched armchairs and funky sculptures thrown into the mix.


Speaking of which, the Statue of Liberty holds court here.

Except she’s holding a glowing pineapple instead of a torch. And wearing a polka-dot toga. It’s what vacationing monuments do.


They serve queso fundido… with plantains.

Yep. There’s bubbling pots of the stuff with fried green plantains for dipping. Stake your claim on some of those, along with the fried pork rinds with guac. Clearly, it’s going to be a “light” day.


There’s pitchers. Glorious, alcohol-filled pitchers.

Of mojitos, caipirinhas and sangria. Take your pick. They’ve also got refajo—that’s a blend of beer and Colombiana, a South American champagne soda.

Go crazy popping tabs.



Source : Urban Daddy

Brickell, Miami Information