Barok Cafe opens at North Miami

Now opens at North Miami, Barok Cafe, a modern French cuisine Open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Brunch on week end with their Specials of the Day form the menu of the baroque style cafe. Decorated with large mirrors in a charming and classy baroque style decor, you will savor the most typical dishes of French cuisine. The combination of fresh ingredients, time and love all mix together in this special place, will enchant even the most discerning palate. Embrace love of good food and wine, in a unique welcoming and casual atmosphere. À la carte, various and delectable delights with their own French heritage touch. During the day, come and try French pastries, quiches, croques mademoiselle, flatbreads or salads, prepared with fresh products, to eat on site or to take away. Every evening, their place turns into a gourmet, modern French restaurant, striving to serve up absolute quality food. Here is more information about Barok Cafe :


According to Urban Daddy :

“As you may have gathered, this place lends itself well to drinks for two at the stone-lined bar. Or for a casual morning-after brunch where running into everyone you know isn’t high on the priority list. It’s tucked into a quiet little strip mall in North Miami, see. And that’s where the deception begins. Inside: all French charm. Chandeliers, white linen, glass and stone. Also, a chef who hails from Nice and has an affinity for adding an extra egg or two to her croque madames. But maybe you came for the wine. And the oven-roasted camembert and bavette sauce au bleu that accompanies it. That’s French for hanger steak topped with blue cheese and homemade fries.”


According to Thrillist :

“There are natural places you’d expect to find a romantic French bistro: the banks of the Seine, for example, or… a strip mall in North Miami. Yep, just across from the 127th St. Publix sits this nondescript little French joint run by longtime South Beach caterer Ruby Cohen. Once inside, you’ll completely forget you’re on Biscayne Blvd, and instead be transported into an intimate, tranquil setting. You’ll start out with a plate of house-cured charcuterie and move on to the house special, filet mignon au poivre, or the cheeseburger, which is flame-broiled and served on brioche.”


According to Yelp :

“The place itself is quaint and clean with small touches of French decor. It’s very cute inside. My party decided to eat very early in the morning so we had no issues with waiting or seating. Our waiter, Rudy, was the only person serving around and with that said- he did a great job serving all the tables in a timely manner. He’s very attentive and will refill your water/coffee even though your cup isn’t low! I decided to order French toast with fruit and it was so good! The bread itself is much thicker than all the French toasts I’ve ever had, so I was worried it would be dry but to my surprise it wasn’t. I had small tastes of the crepe and eggs Benedict w/ smoked salmon from my friends and both were tasty as well. ” written by Kimberly E. (rated 5 stars).


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