Backpacks. Wallets. Belts. Del Toro.

Great dinner last night.

You were so close to making it through that last bite of flan cheesecake.

So. Close.


Next time, might want to loosen up your belt a bit.

Or, you know, just wear an elastic one.

Extend a warm welcome to Del Toro’s Accessories, some really sharp wallets, weekend bags and elastic belts from the dons of the velvet slipper, available now at their shop in Wynwood.


Del Toro. You know these fellas. Leather oxfords. Suede wingtips. Those velvet slippers. And while footwear is great and all, these guys are the ambitious sort. And they won’t stop until they’ve gotten to your wallet. And coated the whole thing in suede camo.


But wallets aren’t the only thing they’ve begun sprinkling their magic Del Toro dust on. They’ve got those elastic belts with gold-finished brass buckles and leather tabs. And handsome duffel bags made of pony hair and lined in suede—the kind you can pack up for a weekend in West Palm.


They’ve even combined forces with Victorinox to create a special-edition Swiss Army knife with a snappy cobalt digital camo print on it.

It’s the Swiss Army knife of camo Swiss Army knives.



Source : Urban Daddy

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