Anouchka Egozi

I grew up in Paris ( France ) , I have been living in South Florida for a little while , I started my life here by bringing and introducing a clothing line from Italy that became very popular......after owning retail businesses I went and did some commercial real estate as I was raising my beautiful children, a few years later meaning now I am able to dedicate my time in what has always been my passions " Food, Art, Travel, Fashion and even getting interested in new Start Up founders " , Finding small fashionable boutiques getting to know their and owners and creators as I am sipping on a glass of bubbly or being invited by well-renowned designers to their fashion runways , I enjoy discovering new upcoming artists going to their showing, expositions or shows being able to meet new talents from a Chef, a Flower Designer, Jewelry Creator, Music or Song Writer etc...... as long that they have a creative mind and or hands it's always fulfilling to me . Eating is an experience and a celebration, analyzing savoring trying new dishes of different establishments from a Tiki bar menu to a little corner Bistro or going to a popular eatery chain and but not less to Michelin Stars rated restaurants is a big excitement to my Eyes Soul and Palette , hopefully you will enjoy my taste and selections, à très bientôt mes amis ( see you soon my friends ) , Anouchka .E