Arrested Development Is Back! Top Five Bluth Family Catchphrases

Newsfeeds were a’blazin’ Sunday afternoon with word that long-exiled cult TV favorite, Arrested Development, would be making a grand return.

Alongside the show’s cast at a New Yorker-organized “Bluth Family Reunion” panel and Q&A, creator Michael Hurwitz confirmed that a final season would be seeing the light of day, followed by the long awaited Arrested Development feature film.

The shortlived show (2003-2006, three seasons) became an instant cult classic thanks to the one-two punch of DVD and the Internet, both of which are nearly essential tools to keep up with AD‘s ever-growing toolbox of inside jokes, self-references, and obscure allusions.


The series was also acclaimed for it’s world play via punning, miscommunication, and other hilarious twists of signification. In honor of the show’s resurrection, check out our top five Bluth family catchphrases after the jump.

5. “Annyong.”
What’s in a name?
Lucille Bluth’s adopted Korean son, Hel-loh, is dubbed Annyong by the family when they mistake the Korean word for “hello” to be his name. Salutation, namesake…you end up hearing “Annyong” so much it sorta takes on an OM-like quality.

4. “Come on!”
If not for his crappy magic tricks (excuse us, illusions) and constant scheming, we would still love Gob Bluth for infecting us with this now-classic two-syllable bark. We even have a “Come on!” bumper sticker.

3. “No touching!”
Röre inte!
Our favorite is the cop’s little daughter.

2. “Steve Holt!” Steve Holt!
Gob’s secret illegitimate son stalks around, shouting his name at the world like a Pokémon ODing on x-treme energy drinks. This is another one that’s caught on in our daily life, but usually requires more explanation than “Come on!” and subsequently always makes us look like sloppy TV nerds. Which we are.

1. “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
That’s what she said
It only takes five simple words to completely capture the Bluth Family ethos.

Source: Miami New Times