Anthony Barton-A new Brickell entrepreneur

Anthony Barton is a 29 year old yacht captain from Liverpool UK who is making waves in the Miami yacht chartering market. Just like another group of “scousers” that turned up in February 1964 from Liverpool, he is also trying to make his name. The Beatles were world famous but when you hear Anthony speak with that same “scouser accent” it may sound very unique.

With an eye for travel and a thirst for business, Anthony decided to follow his passion and left his home town to pursue a career. Starting out as a deckhand for high profile names such as Tiger Woods, Steven Spielberg, and Steven Wynn, Anthony learned how to cater to the luxury experience of yachting.

In 2012 at 23 years old, he obtained his offshore captains license and started chartering on busy charter vessels in the Caribbean, where he gained extensive navigational knowledge of the Bahamas, Caribbean, Eastern seaboard of the US, and Mexico.

Anthony moved to Miami in 2017 to start his own charter business. Having started out with just two yachts- brokering deals and taking groups out in Miami and The Bahamas, he and Samantha Barton built up a fleet of 40+ yachts in just 6 months. Today, Anthony’s passion for yachting can be seen and felt in every charter he puts together for his clients.

Company Details: Blue Water is a comprehensive yacht charter company whose mission is to make the luxury of the yachting experience accessible to everyone while staying true to their core values: honesty, integrity, and most importantly, adventure. Blue Water goes above and beyond to meet and exceed their clients expectations. Holding themselves and your experience with them to the highest standards, they are dedicated to making each charter unique and the adventure of a lifetime. Blue Water has several locations worldwide in Dubai, Chicago, Miami, Ibiza, and more.


62′ Azimut


4 hrs $3,550 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax

8 hrs $4,750 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax

77′ Azimut S

4 hrs $4,250 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax
8 hrs $5,750 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax

84′ Azimut FlyBridge *please see attached photos

4 Hours $5,500 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax

8 hours $8,000 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax

86′ Azimut S

2007 / 2015 Refit
4 hrs $5,750 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax
8 hrs $6,750 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax
88′ Ferretti

2006/ 2014 Refit
4 hrs $5,750 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax
8 hrs $7,250 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax

105′ Azimut

8 hrs $9,750 + 15% crew grat + 7% sales tax

Customer reviews: 

“We thoroughly enjoyed our day at sea. The crew was warm and welcoming and very professional. This was our first time out on a private charter so we really didn’t know what to expect. Everything was top notch, very luxurious and comfortable—we will definitely be back on our next trip.” –S Walters

“One of the best experiences I’ve had on a yacht! Will definitely be using them again when I get back to Miami!” –N Reaves

“No better way to sail the Miami waters in style than with Captain Anthony’s fleet. I always have an incredible time with Blue Water’s exceptional level of service, quality and entertainment. This is an absolute MUST  in order to complete a perfect weekend in South Florida.” –Colin Thompson, Professional Race Car Driver