And Rugby Is Now The Greatest Sport Ever

If anyone ever complained that we don’t feature enough rugby stories here, I would explain that it’s because we don’t get rugby and therefore don’t like writing about it. In fairness, though, it is cooler than soccer and we write about that on occasion, so it’s only fair that we find a little rugby news here and there.

Well news be damned, because we instead have an instructional video, which is helping me understand rugby in an entirely new light. Like the kind of light that makes it difficult to stand up for the next 20 minutes or so. Seriously, all sports need more instructional videos like this. If every sport followed this example, video games would become obsolete because every able-bodied young male would be outside trying to kill the next guy to impress oiled up girls.

To be fair, video games wouldn’t become entirely obsolete because we’d still have marijuana and college. But we’d sure have a lot more athletes running around. Hell, imagine if we applied this method to teaching math and science. The future would be a beautiful place.