Anatomy at 1220 opens at Miami Beach

Anatomy at 1220 is the result of a collaboration between fitness, sports science and nightlife veterans. Their mission was to create an intimate space where friends can sweat, enhance and recover, all under one roof. They had you in mind when we developed every aspect of this unique facility and truly hope you love being a part of Anatomy at 1220. Here is more information about Anatomy at 1220 :


According to :

“Going to the gym has never looked so glamorous until Chris Paciello put his pioneer skills into the gym business. Chris (and a few of his friends and co-founders) have decided to open Anatomy at 1220 near the entrance of South Beach’s Sunset Harbour Islands. Anatomy at 1220 is a collaboration between fitness, medicine, sports science and nightlife veterans. Everyone in Miami that is into fitness is going to want to go to this gym. Entering this 13,000 square foot facility is going to feel as if you entered a five-star resort. Hiring the best trainers and staff, Anatomy will know how to make a gym entertaining. Anatomy was designed to cater to the human body and all of its needs. by offering a variety of different treatments and fitness classes.” written by Samantha Haddad


According to Urban Daddy :

“Few things you should take note of before dusting off the workout shorts:

This isn’t a Russian oligarch’s personal gym.
It just looks like it. Because you’ll do cardio and weights under crystal chandeliers, massive ivory columns and gold paintings before taking a breather on a tufted-leather banquette. Totally normal.

Speaking of taking a breather…
The eucalyptus steam room is a nice place for that. But you can also go the hot-and-cold-plunge-pools route before hitting the sauna. Or just grab a massage. Nothing wrong with that.

There’s an IV lounge here.
It’s by the VitaSquad crew. Your hangover’s familiar.

The rooftop terrace is pretty nice this time of year.
The white couches, potted greenery and bistro tables are perfect for a post-workout refueling session with that vegan yoga instructor.”


According to letagemagazine :

“Nestled in the heart of Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour “it” neighborhood, Anatomy at 1220 opens its doors November 14th, offering the most exclusive and life enriching fitness facility to hit the health and wellness market to date. Anatomy at 1220 aims to use personalized testing and analysis to better understand and improve individuals’ health with FITTLab, a partnership with the MIAMI Institute for Age Management and Intervention. Anatomy at 1220, will offer premier medical testing and prescribed treatments that focus on maximizing one’s fitness and improving overall health and well being. Specifically designated areas will allow for various components of training and wellness including but not limited to weight training, cardiovascular training, functional training and group exercise as well as a high altitude chamber. Trainers work with clients to create customized exercise regiments molded specifically to each member’s personal lifestyles yielding the very best results and achieving their individual health and fitness goals.”


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