American Airlines, US Airways seek November trial date to fight DOJ lawsuit

The gloves are off and a date has been requested.

US Airways CEO Doug Parker told his employees in a letter Thursday that his company and American Airlines filed a motion with the US District Court in Washington requesting a Nov. 12 trial date to hear the complaint by the Department of Justice (DOJ) attempting to block a proposed $11 billion merger between the two airlines.


“We are eager to get to court so that we can make our case and explain exactly how this merger enhances competition across the US and the globe, and begin creating the new American Airlines as soon as possible,” Parker wrote in the letter.


Parker indicated that the Justice Department is likely to file a request seeking to push back the hearing date. Eventually the judge will set the hearing date.


Attorneys for the airlines last week declined to say whether the airlines would be open to divesting some assets, gates or markets, but did say there was no intention of selling off or closing the US Airways hub in Charlotte.


The DOJ worries the new merger will result in hub closures and more expensive or less service to smaller cities. Past airline mergers have caused exactly that.



Source : Adam Kress

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