Alter Miami opens at Wynwood

Alter is a casual, chef-driven, progressive American restaurant located in Miami’s up-and-coming Wynwood neighborhood led by Chef Bradley Kilgore and Antoine Lecas. The seasonal cuisine is focused on locally sourced ingredients from Florida, highlighting the States rich seafood offering, tropical fruits, vegetables and meats. Alter’s beverage program includes an uncompromising wine selection that span from top well known producers to small artisanal growers from around the world. Executive Chef Bradley Kilgore a native of Kansas City, is a young well-recognized Miami based chef with more than 10 years of experience working at fine dining restaurants, including Chicago’s L2O, Alinea and Boka. His most recent position was at Jean George’s J&G Grill located at Bal Harbour’s St. Regis Resort where he was quoted by The Miami Herald as “2014 Miami’s Best Chef. Here is more information about Alter Miami :


According to Urban Daddy :

“You’re ready for Alter, an unmarked Wynwood warehouse (for now) containing glorious foodstuffs from one Brad Kilgore, opening tonight. This place used to contain shoes. But look around… not a loafer in sight. Now you’ve got an industrial-looking getup with a polished brass bar, a glass-enclosed open kitchen and a garden out back growing four kinds of radishes. Which is three more than you previously knew existed. You’ll want to stake out one of those schoolhouse chairs at a wooden table for your next date night. The kind of wooden table that’s sturdy enough to host soft egg with sea scallop espuma, charcoal strip loin and grouper cheeks from Brad Kilgore. You might remember him from J&G Grill. But now you’ll remember him for all that wondrous stuff mentioned above. And about that open kitchen: you’ll notice a four-seat table there. They’ll be doing a special chef’s tasting experience, but you’ll need a reservation to get one of those seats.”


According to Eater :

“The project between Kilgore and his partners Javier Ramirez and Leo Monterrey serves Florida-inspired cuisine that showcases Kilgore’s extensive fine-dining experience, but in a much more approachable environment — and price point. No dish on the menu is more than $30 with a five-course tasting menu available for just $65 per person. He tells Eater that soon he plans to have a four seat chef’s table, which will serve a 10-course meal for $95. While Kilgore may not be a Florida native, he sure does embrace what’s available throughout the state saying the goal of the menu is to, “alter your perception of what you can make of the ingredients available down here.” So expect dishes like a soft Florida egg topped with a sea scallop espuma, house-made truffle pearls and a gruyere crisp; Florida-grown beets with local cheese and honey comb miso; and grouper cheeks with black rice and sou hollandaise.” written by Olee Fowler.


According to :

“The housemade bread is crusted with sumac, dill and poppy seeds and accompanied by an oval of umami butter. A “soft egg” dish is a play on onion soup gratinee with the creamy egg and truffle pearls crowned with a crisp gruyere chip. Beet a l’orange salad is composed of honeycomb miso, purple carrot, local cheese and tangerine while the crispy blue crab has heat from an aji amarillo sauce and culantro relish. Larger dishes include Cape Canaveral prawns with tajin crust, local grits, mole verde, pickled chile and huitlaoche and a pompano with charred avocado butter, small onions and sprouted grains. Desserts are as composed as the rest of the menu with offerings like the parsnip fudge with coconut sorbet, olive oil caramel, parsnip crisps and thyme and the peaches with white chocolate confit, banana bread, pretzel ice cream and brown butter.” written by Sara Liss.


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