A Whitewashed Villa of Tuscan Delights

Picture a creamy bowl of seafood-studded risotto.

Okay, now picture a wood-paneled beach house.

Now, bring those two together on your calendar tonight.

And boom.

Dinner is served…

Say buongiorno to Fuor d’Acqua, a beachy new Tuscan villa for seafood flown in direct from Italy, now open in South Beach.


You’re looking at a sort of “Tuscan estate meets Hamptons beach house meets your next date” vibe here. You know, all decked out in whitewashed wood and soft aqua walls. Shelves spruced up with artsy starfish, sea urchins and, oh, hey, the occasional shark. Yep, whole thing just screams Texas barbecue. Kidding. It’s seafood. And pasta.


Which is why you’ll want to come here. You know, when the mood for things like sea bass tartare and pan-seared octopus strikes. Walk in and make your way to an upholstered banquette in the corner. There, you’ll get intimate with some housemade pasta tossed in a Mediterranean reef fish sauce, and a bottle of wine. Also, your date.


And if the weather’s cooperating (meaning something in zero-precipitation range), you’ll want to consider relocating all further date-night activities to the garden out back. It’s got soft white holiday lights and a ginormous tree in the middle.

Last one to the top…


Source : Urban Daddy

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