A Water Jetpack for Your Feet. Finally.

Marty McFly.

Now there’s a guy who could hoverboard.

Although, technically, the thing was totally useless over water.

Someone should’ve taken a couple of pointers from these guys…

Get airborne with Flyboard305, a new outfit out of the Grove that’ll have you surfing the skies on a water-propelled board, taking reservations now.

You’re probably already familiar with those water-powered jetpacks you strap on your back. Basically, that’s the idea here. Except, well, the jetpacks are located under your feet.

See, what you’ve got is a wakeboard with two water-propelled jets. And the force of those jets is what sends you careening 45 feet into the air. Kind of like the Silver Surfer. Without the time travel. (Sorry.)

When you’re ready to catch some air, grab a friend and head to the Grove. You’ll meet up with your instructor and learn basic stuff like steering the controls, free flight and, you know, the importance of how to land. Upright.

Then, it’s showtime. You’ll head into the middle of the water on a jet ski, strap on your board and start executing all kinds of aerial maneuvers. Flips. Barrel rolls. Nosedives. You can even take the board underwater.

Might as well get in some snorkeling while you’re at it.



Source : Urban Daddy

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