A South Beach Taqueria from the Haven Guy

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Tacos who?

Okay. You got us. Tacos don’t really knock on doors.

But now that we’re on the topic…

Open the door to Huahua’s Taqueria, a cozy new taco joint that’s ready to unleash some fried-chicken tacos and paletas upon your life, opening Monday in South Beach.

This sliver of a space comes from Haven’s chef, Todd Erickson, so yeah… you’ll be fine here. It’s a little storefront restaurant with dark repurposed-wood walls, spiky cacti and Mexican piñatas dangling from the ceiling. Just the kind of laid-back spot you’d go to for carnitas after a day out on the beach. Or to appreciate the fine art of papier-mâché animal sculptures. Either way.

Basically, you just mosey up to the counter here and place your order. Nachos. Grilled Mexican sweet corn. Fried-chicken tacos topped with jalapeño cornbread. You know, the kind of stuff that goes really well with margaritas. They’ve got those here. And Mexican beer. They’ve got that here, too.

And hey, they’re open late. Five in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays. Which is great, should you ever find yourself out in South Beach in need of a nightcap…

Queso before beer, in the clear.



Source : Urban Daddy

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