A Rugged Foxhole of Aviators and Oxfords

So, Fourth of July.

We trust you had a pretty good one.

You know, with all the burgers, fireworks and Founding Fathers look-alike contests.

(Fantastic John Adams getup, by the way.)

Great, because you’re about to look like all of that feels.

The place: Supply & Advise, a Wynwood pop-up full of handsome Americana (like oxfords and military-grade aviators), now open.

Steve McQueen. That’s the inspiration here. The sort of American-made ruggedness built for tearing up a dirt road on a Triumph. Or, you know… the Palmetto. Anyway, that’s the type of clothes being sold in this pop-up. One with vintage Buddy Lee dolls, a military mule in the center and a Husqvarna motorcycle parked in the corner.


As for what you’ll find here… well, lots of things. There’s oxford button-downs from Gitman Bros. Randall airman knives that’re used in combat. And aviators from Randolph Engineering—the same ones Draper wears on Mad Men. All of which you can transport in one of their water-resistant duffel bags from Filson. (Miami + summer = rain.)

And if you’re thinking this is the sort of stuff that could work for a barbecue or over some beers in Wynwood—hey, good thinking.

Usually happens when beer’s involved.



Source : Urban Daddy

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