A Members-Only Beer Garden in Miami Beach

Gather round, we’ve got a story to tell.

It’s a good one.

It stars a pool, some hammocks, beer pong and gin-spiked juices.

And you. Living happily ever after.

Because this tale’s about Sweetwater Beer Garden, a members-only hangout, now soft-open in Miami Beach.

About that membership thing. You have to be invited by a current member. So do your best sleuthing here. Once you’ve secured that, you’ll have to fill out a form with hard-hitting questions like “What’s your favorite Miami public space?” and “Name?” Stick with it, though. You’re about to be handsomely rewarded.


Because what awaits is a poolside tiki oasis. It’s got wicker chairs, picnic tables and hammocks. The bar’s serving up pitchers of Big Rod. But they’ve also got fresh juices that you can spike with your poison of choice. Like their spicy mix (bell pepper, kiwi, lime, ginger) coupled with tequila.


On a blistering weekend afternoon, here’s what’ll happen. You’ll drop by. Grab a beer at the bar. Maybe jump in on an impromptu game of pool beer pong. Then, after a grueling nap on a daybed, you’ll fill up on an assortment of grilled proteins prepared by a Charles St. chef.

Hopefully you like grilled proteins.



Source : Urban Daddy

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