7 male fashion trends that never should have happened

Fashion is constantly evolving from season to season and therefore it’s inevitable that among all the awesome fads and great new styles, a few horrific trends pop-up. And it’s always the worst trends that not only stick around the longest, but also make appearances in retro Facebook albums. We’ve taken a look back at the ten worst trends of the past decade.

The Von Dutch brand is well known in the business world for tricking every day Americans to market the name of the company for him. Not only did all the hats have his company name front and center, but they were also modeled after trucker hats. If only Von Dutch designer Christian Audigier had put the Von Dutch name on the steering wheel of every 40-foot truck, we would have a nation of qualified and uniformed truck drivers.

It’s rumored that the cropped pants fad took off after one trendsetter accidentally shrunk his jeans in the laundry and wore them around town. While they resembled women’s capris, the men who wore them vehemently denied any similarities and loudly claimed there was nothing feminine about 3/4 pants. Cropped pants are primarily known for solving the common problem of “how do I keep my legs warm while still showing off my muscular lower calf.”

Rich people often face the challenge of letting people know they’re rich while coming off like they don’t want anyone to know. While getting accepted at Ivy League colleges with libraries named after them and being a member of the neighborhood croquet team help establish that wealthy image, it often isn’t enough. Wearing not one, but two popped collars was an easy way to say to the world, “I can afford to wear two shirts at once once and I can afford to wear them incorrectly.”

One unfortunate side effect of wearing abundant amounts of black eye liner is that it clouds your vision. This led to men not only accidentally shopping in women’s stores, but also led them to look in the mirror and think their skin-tight jeans looked cool. It’s well-known knowledge in emo forums that the tighter your jeans, the more your parents made you miserable during your childhood.

While some men are proud to be dating women with abundant cleavage, others get jealous of the attention not being on them. Hence the creation of the male V-neck shirt that V’s deep enough to get a partial view of the bellybutton. It not only pairs well with silver chains, but it also gives men a chance to show off their chest hair growth.

Legend has it that this tragic trend started from a bet Christian Audigier made with his friend. It went something like “I bet you I can get adult men to wear bedazzled shirts with animals on them.” While Ed Hardy may have won Audigier that bet, he lost in the long run when the world’s worst dad, Jon Gosselin, became his voluntary spokesman. Suddenly, to everyone’s shock, diamond-studded tigers looked a little trashy.

Justin Timberlake pulls off a lot of trends that the average slightly-overweight male should never attempt. After all, if we all achieved everything he has, then we would all hold bragging rights to taking Britney Spears’ virginity. Despite constant mockery, grown men continue to put on tight vests everyday and pop on a fedora under the mistaken belief that they look like a rockstar and not like a man who got dressed in the dark.

Source : guyism.com