7 Best Ways to Promote Your Business on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a network for connecting professionals across the globe. Despite the changes in the social media arena, LinkedIn has thrived, growing tremendously at a rate of two new users per second. The network has over 175 million registered users in 200 countries around the globe.


LinkedIn is a way for individuals and businesses to connect professionally, hence enabling the user to use the network as a tool for growing their business connections for furthering their careers. LinkedIn is a versatile medium for professional social networking therefore it’s necessary to understand its dynamics before getting started. Here are seven aspects which will help you to explore the medium’s potential to its maximum in order to aid your business’s growth and to make the most out of it.


Company Profile

Company profile is a brief introduction to your business; a sort of fan page to which others can subscribe. It includes a description of your business, services, expertise, experience and contact information. A completed company profile is very important in order to give the most information about your services to any potential clients and/or contacts.

Group Subscriptions

This feature allows you to subscribe to different groups that relate to your business and/or interests. Currently, each user can subscribe up to a maximum of 40 groups. Taking part in group discussions, insights and feedbacks, helps one to put their business’s name out there as each post carries their name, photo and custom information. Contributing to the group posts regularly generates a good number of leads as well for your business.


Responding to questions asked

Giving answers to the questions asked on the LinkedIn forums is another way to put your name out there, helping prove that you are an expert in your field and to show that you know what you are talking about. This helps to generate clients as well, as these forums are visited by people who are literally a tailor-made audience for your response. Answering questions can increase your credibility in the eyes of other professionals on LinkedIn who belong to your field.



LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to seek recommendations from your clients, employers or colleagues, hence leading towards increased credibility of your person or services. Nothing works better than a healthy and positive comment from a coworker, employer or a client to builds others’ confidence in you.


Linked In Buzz

With LinkedIn Buzz, one can track public reviews about them or their company. One can respond to a negative comment quickly through this service in order to rectify any damage or bad publicity through a bad review.


Posting vacancies

Hiring is a signature of healthy business growth. When hiring through LinkedIn, one draws attention of people within the industry, not only helping one hire a suitable person for their vacancy, but also through spreading a positive image of their company’s successful growth amongst people who may be interested in hiring their services.


Linked In DirectAds

Another excellent marketing tool that helps creates a positive identity of your business is Linked In DirectAds. You can reach your targeted audience geographically, demographically and industry wise.

If you are a Linked In user, take a look at these different areas and judge whether yous are utilizing the service to its full potential or not.


source: Social Media Today


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