2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: The Most Luxurious Box in the World

Spend any time in Southern California and you’ll see one — not traversing the hills and streams of Malibu canyons, mind you, but crawling through traffic and rolling down shopping-mall parking decks. This is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, one of the most expensive, most capable and most distinctive SUVs in the world. And despite its amazing off-road prowess and capability, the vast majority of them are outfitted as super-luxurious, super-expensive family vehicles for the 1 percent crowd.

According to Cars.com:

“n the outside, it won’t look like much has changed. Part of the G-Wagen’s charm has always been that it looks like the shipping container that a Mercedes-Benz SL roadster comes in. But for 2019, some rounded corners and improved details keep the G-Class relevant and more refined, with better airflow for a quieter ride.”

“Mercedes-Benz took the opportunity of a larger interior to redo the entire cabin, bringing it fully up to date with the modern Mercedes-Benz showroom. While an analog gauge display is standard, optional is a full widescreen digital dash. Two 12.3-inch displays stacked side by side bring a new widescreen-cockpit look to the G-Wagen, just like the ones seen in the S-Class and E-Class sedans.”

Can’t believe the beauty? See it below for proof:

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